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Building Bridges Across Styles

A link to the past is your bridge to the future


History will remember McCarthy’s contributions simply because they’re too important to ignore.

- Chuck Merriman


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Coming together, sharing together, working together, succeeding together. Unknown Author


IRKRS Membership

If you’re a karate practitioner--no matter what your style is or what organization you are affiliated with--membership in the International Ryukyu Karatejutsu Research Society is indispensable. Among the numerous organizations that serve Martial arts practitioners, only the IRKRS brings together students, instructors and researchers from all over the world, embracing the breadth and variety of activity related to the historical, philosophical, pedagogical & technical aspects of traditional karate. More important, no other organization serves you and the interests of karate as a whole like the IRKRS.

Our services include an on-line network for intellectual exchange among members. Our principal activity focuses on mentoring learners and teachers of Japanese/Okinawan Karate/Kobudo [both classical & contemporary] through dialogue, lecture, journals, and books & instructional DVD and special-interest activities. We have successfully built bridges uniting like-minded learners all over the world for the past decade through eliminating ambiguity, and imparting the true origins and evolution of Karate while specializing in the functional application practices of ancestral and traditional-based Kata.


Why Join the IRKRS?

Because people who want to understand the true applications of karate need the tools to do it and Patrick McCarthy, through the IRKRS provides the tools. Read what others have to say:


The McCarthy Seminars are a tool to bridge the gap between kata and kumite. Hanshi McCarthy shares his knowledge of the history and traditions of the Martial arts. This leads to the bridge between kata and kumite which creates the ability to understand the application of the individual techniques. Additionally, the seminars provide understanding and knowledge for the advanced students to take that next step in their training. Konishi (Takehiro) Yasuhiro, (Karatedo Hanshi & Ryobukai 2nd generation head master)


The Society's members only web-page is a goldmine of information and I feel very happy and privileged to have access to it. More importantly it has the most valuable resource of them all; good people and a good leader with vision. Mario McKenna, Vancouver, BC





We are one organization but we are many styles brought together by common goals and we welcome you to become part of our movement

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