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支部道場 Shibu Dojo (Branch Dojo) Branch Dojo membership is open to any accredited dojo directly involved with the teaching of the Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo-jutsu curriculum. Shibu Dojo fall under the direction of the Director and must follow all administrative procedures set forth by the Hombu Dojo and have authority to use the KU name, logo and issue dan/kyu grades within the KU curriculum. Shibu Dojo gain access to the Honbu Dojo, IRKRS’s information network (KSL, members only Portal, and IRKRS/KU affiliates) to support their own dojo's efforts. Online Application


支部道場 Jun Shibu Dojo (Dojo’s transitioning to a full KU curriculum and official affiliation) The goal of this Jun Shibu Dojo Membership Program is to facilitate the transition from your current curriculum to a full Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo-jutsu curriculum. Once all requirements are met, a Jun Shibu Dojo will convert to Shibu Dojo. Online Application


準会員 Junkaiin 

(Associate member) Associate membership is open to all individuals or dojos with an interest in old school karate practices and training methods expounded upon by the IRKRS and Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo-jutsu. The objectives of associate membership are to engage individuals and dojo owners in association activities and to share information with each other. Associate members have access to IRKRS’s information network (KSL, members only Portal, and IRKRS/KU affiliates). Associate members do not have to change styles, follow the KU curriculum or relinquish other organizational affiliations Individual membership in the International Ryukyu Karate-jutsu Research Society is the standard membership option available to you through our society. Membership is on an anniversary year basis, giving you great membership benefits year-round.

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Applicants DO NOT have to be researchers or Black Belts. We DO accept & welcome 'beginners' but encourage only followers of traditional or classical Japanese/Okinawan-based karate/kobudo enthusiasts. MOST members ARE from other organizations and regard their memberships with us as an unbiased source from which to build on existing knowledge without the threat of changing styles or schools.


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Associate membership is 75 Euros (or its equivalent in American, Canadian or Australian currency.


Dues may be paid by credit card or direct bank deposit only.


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