The true legacy of our tradition

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Respecting the traditional heritage of this art, and the cultural legacy of its Okinawan pioneers, the IRKRS proudly carries forth a timeless message, not by following in the footsteps of the old masters, but rather by seeking what they sought. I am absolutely certain that this challenge is far more in line with the spirit and aims of the original pioneers then it is with the conceit associated with one's "style" being the ONE & ONLY CORRECT WAY!" Truth does not conform to style --- style is an interpretation of truth, and so many styles are incomplete, ineffective or just plain impractical!  Overcoming the ambiguity which has shrouded the inner-most meaning of this art requires a level of thinking different from that which created it. If you're not depending upon critical thinking as the tool to investigate and eliminate this ambiguity it is possible you're unknowingly part of a sub-culture empowering others who might not have your best interest at heart, and perpetuating ignorance as, "A Way." Satisfied IRKRS members maintain that it is not in the learning of new styles, more kata, or even achieving higher rank that brings about empowerment but rather in seeing with new eyes.


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