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IRKRS Services and Benefits

Building Bridges Across Styles

A link to the past is your bridge to the future


It doesn't matter what you've heard

It doesn't matter what you've read

The following is what we offer to all members


Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends. Walt Disney


Services for IRKRS Members!

As a member of The IRKRS, you are entitled to valuable guidance, training, and services at discounted prices or available exclusively for IRKRS members. Below is a list of the many valuable opportunities waiting for you.


Basic Membership Benefits 


Professional Guidance

  • The Karate Study List, a friendly and respectful bulletin board-style forum discussing the classical empty-handed combative practices of Okinawa. This includes access to the previous IRKRS Yahoogroup's KSL [Karate Study List] archives, from Dec 1998 thru June 2006
  • Association with an International Network of brilliant teachers & like-minded learners
  • An important information-based on-Line Member's Only Website accessible 24/7


  • Opportunity to gain official [DAN/TITLE] Accreditation with an traditional-based international organization
  • Opportunity to gain a Genealogical Pedigree [IN BOTH KARATE AND KOBUDO] dating back to Okinawa’s old Ryukyu Kingdom; i.e. Patrick McCarthy, Kinjo Hiroshi, Hanashiro Chomo, Oshiro Chojo, Chinen Sanda, Itosu Ankoh, Matsumura Sokon, Sakugawa Kanga


  • Unique world-wide Training Opportunities with innovative Master-level instructor Patrick McCarthy, and KU accredited instructors

Members Branding Material


  • An International Members ID Card
  • An Embroidered Society Patch representing a unique and an important legacy
  • An International Membership Certificate

Resource Materials and Periodicals

  • The IRKRS Journal with cutting edge articles about history, culture, tradition, heritage, kata, pioneers & master's biographies, style-lineage, philosophy, user-friendly Japanese-to-English translations and more.
  • Research and Articles, personal experience and academic scholarship in Karate/Kobudo.
  • Authorization to use Copyright Material in your own research
  • An uncompromising list of important, unusual and often questionable Martial art-related MPEGS
  • Public announcements concerning seminars, gasshuku, unique learning opportunities and special events, etc


The tangible benefits of membership are powerful, but the intangible benefits are invaluable. Knowing there is a network of like-minded experts to turn to when in need of guidance to help reveal the true nature of karate practice or the moral/philosophical precepts upon which the tradition rests has proven to be the reason why many of our members renew year after year. Couple that with the proactive measures The IRKRS undertakes on a continuous basis to research, document and globally re-introduce the kata and training methodology of the “old ways” to the community at large - and it is easy to see why The IRKRS remains the world's leading organization for karate practitioners committed to the art.


Need More Information?


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