Classical Tradition - Contemporary Insight

Established as a pragmatic alternative to the plethora of terribly ambiguous and highly dysfunctional styles of "traditional" karate, Koryu Uchinadi [KU] is a modern interpretation of Okinawa's historic fighting arts. A completely systematized pathway of learning/teaching, delivered in a traditional atmosphere, honoring both its cultural heritage and the legacy of pioneers, KU is both and art and a science. Based on simple mechanics, the most unique features of KU are its vibrant body dynamics, efficacious movement, realistic contextual premise [HAPV-theory - Habitual Acts of Physical Violence] and highly functional 2-person application drills, which breathe life back into kata.


Discovering and resurrecting the art's lost contextual premise provided researcher and innovator, Patrick McCarthy [Karatedo 9th Dan, Hanshi], with the basis necessary to conclude his lengthy study into old-school practices. Systematizing his findings into an easy-to-learn structure, he established the International Ryukyu Karate-jutsu Research Society [IRKRS] as a conduit through which to reach a larger audience of like-minded enthusiats. By Dec of 1995 the IRKRS took the lead in mentoring a more progressive western mindset not afraid to look outside their traditional peer group to improve their understanding of the art. For the past 17-years the IRKRS has been successfully empowering students and instructors from many styles. KU is the bridge linking kata to kumite and can strengthen the foundation of any traditional karate style without adversely affecting its cosmetic appearance.


Our services include an on-line network for intellectual exchange among members. Our principal activity focuses on mentoring learners and teachers of Japanese/Okinawan Karate/Kobudo [both classical & contemporary] through dialogue, lectures, journals, instructional DVD and special-interest activities. We have successfully built bridges uniting like-minded learners all over the world for nearly two decades by eliminating ambiguity, and imparting the true origins and evolution of Karate while specializing in the functional application practices of ancestral and traditional-based Kata.


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