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The Kata of Koryu Uchinadi in PDF format for Sale 

About the Author

Patrick McCarthy, 9th dan is a well-known historical researcher, instructor, and former tournament champion, McCarthy has written several books, including Tuttle’s best-selling Bible of Karate: Bubishi [Manual of Combat]. His writing has appeared in The Journal of Asian Martial Arts, Inside Kung Fu, Black Belt, Karate International, Australasian Martial Arts, Fighting Arts International, Bugeisha and Budo Dojo.

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The Kata of Koryu Uchinadi 


The definitive photographic learning source for KU kata is now available for purchase in PDF format. The KU Kata curriculum should be considered MANDATORY study for KU teachers and students alike -- as well as for any learners making the transition from an existing style over to KU. PDFs are available at $6.95 USD each or $79.95 USD for all 16-kata [actually 22 kata in total as there are 6 Taisabaki forms in one file]...which is more than a $30 USD savings. IRKRS members special discount also available.

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Chokyu   Sanchin   Seisan  Kusanku  Unshu   Ryushan   Nanshu  Wando  Passai   Happoren   Hakutsuru   Niseishi   Sochin   Taisabaki   Nepai   Naifuanchin.

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