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IRKRS Membership Types

準会員 Junkaiin (Associate/Individual Member)
Associate membership is open to any individual or dojo with an interest in old school karate practices and training methods expounded upon by the IRKRS and Koryu Uchinadi. The objectives of associate membership are to engage individuals and dojo owners in association activities and to share information with each other. Associate members have access to IRKRS’s information network (KSL, members only Portal, and IRKRS/KU affiliates). Associate members do not have to change styles, follow the KU curriculum or relinquish other organizational affiliations Individual membership in the International Ryukyu Karate-jutsu Research Society is the standard membership option available to you through our society. Membership is on an anniversary year basis, giving you great membership benefits year-round. Annual fee is 75 Euros or its equivalent. [Currency Converter here]

支部道場 Shibu Dojo (Branch Dojo)
Branch Dojo membership is open to any dojo teaching Koryu Uchinadi. The Shibu Dojo falls under the guidance of the Director [McCarthy Hanshi] and must follow all administrative procedures set forth by the So-honbu dojo and have authority to use the KU name, logo and issue dan/kyu grades within the KU curriculum. Shibu Dojo gain access to the So-honbu dojo, IRKRS’s information network (KSL, members only Portal, and IRKRS/KU affiliates) to support their own dojo’s efforts. Annual fee is 150 Euros or its equivalent. [Currency Converter here]

支部道場 Jun Shibu Dojo 
The Jun Shibu Dojo membership is aimed at any individual school looking for a new home,  official affiliation and or a credible source through which to continue its learning progression and rank recognition. This also includes those dojo looking to adopt Koryu Uchinadi 2-person application practices and or make a complete transition to our curriculum.

Dojo looking to make an immediate or gradual transition to KU need to first meet specific requirements before the Jun Shibu Dojo membership can be converted to a KU  Shibu Dojo. Annual fee is 150 Euros or its equivalent. [Currency Converter here]

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