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New 9-DVD 3-Vol Set Offer

Noted author, historian and authority of Okinawan Karate, Patrick McCarthy, has done it yet again, by sharing more valuable learning. These presentations are thorough and complex, yet highly functional and easy to learn. They are most certainly sure to enhance your overall understanding and personal training practices. You will be amazed at the provocative and insightful information he’s openly shared. Delivered in the unique fashion that he is so well known for, both the knowledge and signature practices are second to none. One of the most knowledgeable and sought after instructors of our time, McCarthy Sensei will have you not only re-thinking the art but also enhancing the way you practice it.

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Now available at only $167.97 USD for All 3-Vols [9 DVD’s] which is a huge 20% discount over purchasing the seperate Vol’s individually at $69.99 USD 


Vol#1. Tsuki-Naka Kata: This is a fantastic new release on White Crane Kata & Bunkai-jutsu. McCarthy Sensei meticulously teaches Tsuki-naka Kata [突き中の型], a Fujian-based White Crane kata from Yongchun Village, China, before carefully revealing the application practices for all of its techniques.

Disc 1 [running time 78 min] = Introduction to & extensive commentary on the kata, its associated practices and the performance from various angles for the best visual learning.

Disc 2 [running time 55 min] = Extensive commentary and a close-up and hands-on look at the application practices for the kata.

Disc 3 [running time 38 min] = A continuation of the commentary and hands-on look at the application and related practices of this kata along with its common association with other traditions.

Vol #2. Kihon-waza Futari-geiko [Fundamental 2-person training drills]. McCarthy Sensei thoroughly examines and meticulously teaches the old-school Kote-kitai/Ude-tanren, Muchimi-di and Tegumi practices.

Disc 1 [running time 44 min] = Introduction to and a very extensive commentary on the use of the classical techniques of reception: Jodan, Chudan [Uchi & Soto], Kake and Shuto-uke, are presented in a signature-based hands-on 2-person drill. Presented at learning speed and from various angles for the best visual learning, this fusion of old-school practices is sure to provide you with yet another wonderfully new insight to using traditional, “blocking techniques.”

Disc 2 [running time 55 min] = Here on disc #2 McCarthy Sensei presents yet another unique look at old-school 2-person conditioning and sensitivity exercises surrounding a fusion of Kote-kitai/Ude-tanren and Muchimi-di Tegumi-style practices. His extensive commentary and close-up hands-on instruction from various angles really provide new insights to old-school practices. The instruction in disc #2 concludes with the presentation of yet one more 2-person exercise, which will reveal a completely different and totally unique way of embracing karate’s traditional, “blocking techniques.”

Disc 3 [running time 28 min] = McCarthy Sensei presents another of his many signature 2-person conditioning exercises, called Kaishu-waza futari-geiko [techniques with an empty and open hand]. Presented at learning speed and from various angles for the best visual learning, this old-school drill is one of our most popular and sought after practices.

Vol #3. Kata Analyses Bunkai-jutsu [型分解術] McCarthy Sensei thoroughly examines and meticulously teaches a smattering of old-school Kata application practices.

Disc 1 = [running time 61 min] Discussion on the conceptual meaning[s] along with the fundamental practices, mechanics and application principles of the nukite [spear hand], Kobushi [the clenched fist], Shuri-te salutation [various uses of the sun & moon hand posture], Meotote [using the hands in close proximity to each other] and the ippon-ashi dachi [the use of the one leg posture in a clinch], etc.    

Disc 2 =  [running time 41 min] The continuation of application practices here feature the ippon-nukite [one-finger spear hand], neko-ashi dachi [cat’s-paw posture], ashi-barai [foot sweep], Naihanchi-waza [techniques from Naihanchi kata], Nage/Shime-waza [throw & strangle technique] of Pinan Godan and one of Yara Kushanku’s principal engagement templates, etc. 

Disc 3 = [running time 56 min] This final DVD features a wonderfully dynamic 2-person muchimidi-based sensitivity exercise called, “Rokkishu” [六気手]. Described in Okinawa’s secret book of knowledge, “The Bubishi [武備志],” Rokkishu focuses upon the special use of six open-hand positions. The solo-representation of Rokkishu futari renzoku-geiko [the 2-person flow drill of Rokkishu] mirrors that of Tenshou kata [轉掌型], believed to have been developed by Miyagi Chojun, the pioneer of Goju-ryu [剛柔流].  Disc #3 concludes with various related application practices making for a highly informative presentation.

  • Important message for instructors
    While the instruction presented here is, without question, valuable to any/all leaners, it should particularly resonate with instructors of traditional Karate seeking to better understand the foundation practices of the old art before its modern counterpart interpretation emerged. McCarthy’s lifetime of experience really shines through in this series making the presentation of these lessons feel like an in dojo one-on-one personal training session with the master.
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