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Dear friends,

We’re now on Google+  …

I have recently closed down one of my Facebook accounts – which was called the “Patrick McCarthy” page. I had 5000 “friends” [and 1680 waiting to be subscribed] … most of whom, with the exception of IRKRS/KU members, I didn’t actually know! So much of my work, information, photos and posts were being highjacked by such ‘friends’ with no credit being cited to the source! As such, I deleted the site and have relocated to Google+ [i.e. Google Plus] located here under the name, “Patrick McCarthy.”

Actually, I’ve created two separate Google+ sites

#1. A general “IRKRS Information Circle” where interested passers-by can read about us.

#2. The private “IRKRS Communityreserved exclusively for registered members of the International Ryukyu Karate-jutsu Research Society

While I am NO expert with Google+ [yet] I do know that it’s far more encompassing than its Facebook counterpart and the interface is far less difficult and much more user-friendly. More importantly, it allows the admin to individually catalog events, articles, interviews, photos, pod-casting, videos, lesson-planning and a huge range of other important things of interests with amazing ease and accuracy. Best of all, we can now choose what to make public or private through what Google+ calls, “Circles” and “Communities.” Non-registered passer’s-by get to see basically what is on our general website, while general “IRKRS Information Circle” subscribers can see a little bit more and the best can finally be kept PRIVATE and limited to registered “IRKRS Community” members only.

I am currently in the process of loading IRKRS Community up with a lot of valuable learning and invite you to subscribe at your convenience. If you are NOT an IRKRS member perhaps now is the time to consider joining. The IRKRS was the very first organisation of its kind anywhere in the world and we have a long history of empowering many learners from various style.

Google+ 1FYI, even though I will be adding new PRIVATE videos just for our registered “IRKRS Community” membership our general Youtube site is still here and our
general IRKRS/KU Facebook page located here and our IRKRS Member’s Only Facebook page here If you’re NOT currently subscribed … you’re more than welcome to apply at your convenience.

Here is the URL for our Blog where you will find a variety of articles which may be of interest to you. It’s our intention, however, to ultimately transfer the articles from this site over to our new Google+ “IRKRS Community” page … we’ll keep you posted.

Google+ 2Vintage Photos of Okinawa
For those of you interested in old and rare photos of Okinawa I am sure you’re going to love this website:

We’ve just produced the new Yara Kusanku iKata, which is now downloadable here

We’re currently working on the downloadable version of the Matsumura Passai DVD [which has taken much longer than previously expected]. To find out what else is new right now from the IRKRS … have a look here.

For those of you interested in IRKRS official documents [Mission Goals, Constitution & Code of Conduct, etc.] please find the enclosed links;

The IRKRS Constitution…N_&_BYLAWS.pdf

Instructor’s Code of Conduct…of_Conduct.pdf

Mission Statement

FYI, the IRKRS website has just been updated and I hope you can visit it when you get the chance at

The KSL Portal is still here

The Member’s Website Portal is still here

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