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Anthropology, Ethos,  Tactical Strategies & Pedagogical Principles
Before the advent of modern karate, there existed a remarkable martial art in Okinawa referred to as Ryukyu Kenpo Toudi-jutsu. Simplified for the purpose being put into Okinawa’s turn-of-the-century school system to build robust bodies and militaristic mentalities, in support of Japan’s escalating war machine, Ryukyu Kenpo Toudi-jutsu ultimately fell under the influence of Japanese Budo culture which transformed the modified practice into a sport and cultural recreation. The IRKRS Journal is the official journal for both members of the International Ryukyu-jutsu Research Society and the students/teachers of Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo-jutsu. Not a commercial rag aimed at marketing martial arts products, announcing tournament results or glorifying physical violence, the Journal is an informal quarterly on-line publication addressing important historical, philosophical and technical issues at the forefront of karate & kobudo. From 1995 through 2010 this publication served as invaluable reading for many like-minded researchers, teachers and students from different styles all over the world. Featuring cutting edge articles, biographies, book reviews and Japanese-to-English translations, the Special 15-year Collectors Journal is a unique and important source of primary information helping readers better understand the ambiguous issues surrounding the evolution of karate, its cultural obscurities and the functional application principles & practices of kata. This highly informative presentation includes all fifteen years worth Journals in PDF dating from Dec 1995 to Dec 2010.

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