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IRKRS Koryu Uchinadi Source of Karate Vol 10 - Seminar in Medowie, NSW [Australia]
Patrick McCarthy - International Ryukyu Karate Research Society
This is a wonderful seminar-style presentation highlighting the October 2000 Shotokan-based seminar in Medowie, NSW [Australia]. The DVD kicks off with highly informative commentary on technical theories, application practices and the historical premise of kata, by Patrick McCarthy, and focuses on how to effectively negotiate the ominous hook-punch to the face. Sensei McCarthy also includes demonstrations of kata-based application against a bear hug, shoulder seize and lapel grab along with important application hints about several other Shotokan kata. Historical overview of Karate Correct applications of techniques Drills and more.

Packed with educational value, this informal presentation is not a step-by-step “how-to” instructional video, but rather, made for those who participated in the seminar for the purpose of reviewing what they had already learned. Shot with a professional digital camera and easy to follow, this informal seminar-style DVD presentation has been digitally authored complete with a menu. The informal seminar-style DVD presentation is well valued, and bursting with important learning. Running time is eighty-one minutes.

May we just say that these new productions are really excellent and having just recieved Volume 10 we would just like to say that we never tire of hearing great explanations of Kata application principles and historical background. We find ourself nodding our heads in agreement and wishing that we had been privy to this knowledge thirty years ago...never mind, as many say Karate is a lifelong practice and we are just so glad that McCarthy Sensei is sharing his experience with us all.


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