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IRKRS Koryu Uchinadi Kata Bunkai III Volume 7 - Open seminar in Antwerp, Belgium Part 3
Patrick McCarthy - International Ryukyu Karate Research Society
Vol #7 This informal video presentation is the third tape in the series highlighting the December 2000 open seminar in Antwerp, Belgium. This informal seminar-style presentation begins with a twenty-five minute overview of application practices, which reveal the defensive contexts and timeless principles, which makes it all work. The main body of this final tape is dedicated to identifying important pressure points and showing various ways of attacking them using the five principles. The tape also includes important and consecutive joint manipulation and associated practices. Packed with educational value, this informal presentation is not a step-by-step “how-to” instructional video, but rather, made for those who participated in the seminar for the purpose of reviewing what they had already learned. Shot with a professional digital camera and easy to follow, this informal seminar-style video presentation is not made with the same quality, as is an in-studio post-produced production. The informal seminar-style video presentation is well valued, and bursting with important learning. Running time is about ninety-five minutes.


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