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Accepting Orders Now at only $99.95 USD for All 7 DVD’s

This 7 DVD Master Set of Hanshi Patrick McCarthy offer is now available to IRKRS Members Only


#1. Unsettled Matters #1,

#2. Unsettled Matters #2,

#3. Dai Nippon Butoku Kai,

#4. Bubishi ~ Nepai,

#5. Bubishi ~ Happoren,

#6. The Weaponless Warrior Seminar,

#7. The Okinawan Karate Secrets Seminar

You will be amazed at this information he has shared with you totally amazing and very insightful. Delivered in a fashion that only Hanshi McCarthy can do with his eloquent speech and flare for entertainment and all while his knowledge is second to none. He certainly is one of the most valid and knowledgeable instructors of our time and this series will have you thinking and re-thinking plus training much different in the future.

Yes, he is controversial but then again as his teacher Richard Kim once said, “Tall Trees provoke the pride of strong winds”.

There are limited supplies available for shipping hopefully before Christmas as we have our elves working overtime on this one.

Complete Set $99.00


Price: US$99.00

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