In this world of, “become an expert simply by gleaming Google, watching some Youtube clips, or translating books researched by others,” … The contributions (born of often troublesome field research) of Hanshi McCarthy stand head and shoulder above all. – Cezar Borkowski Hanshi 9th Dan,  Toronto – Canada 

“Not only was I astonished by the depth of your knowledge of the historical roots of Karatedo, I was also pleasantly surprised by the incredible depth of your technical knowledge, skills and ability. Your unique ability to draw others and myself so thoroughly into your subject is in no part due to your involvement in, and love of, Karate-do.” – William Dometrich, (Karatedo Hanshi DNBK)

Just finished viewing the Dai Nippon Butokukai DVD and enjoyed it tremendously. A wealth of information presented in such a way that leaves me anxious to get to the other ones. This collection is one of a kind and a “must’ buy for every serious Martial Artist! Thank you McCarthy Hanshi and Warrerner Entertainment for this rare gift of knowledge… Chuck Merriman

“I have completed watching your [Patrick McCarthy] excellent DVD series.  I was so impressed … especially by the two-person drills you have designed for different subjects.  I have never seen such comprehensive drills … my mind is still spinning with the comprehensive two-person drills you have designed for tegumi, nage-waza, kansetsu/tuite-waza, shime-waza, and ne-waza.  With over 200 techniques in the drills, you have done a great service to serious Karate students around the world.”  – Charles Goodin, Hawaii

McCarthy Sensei is one of the most decorated and well-versed western proponents of Karatedo and Kobudo with the credentials to match. In short, you won’t find a more qualified or more well read person on the history, philosophy, techniques and kata of the tradition that you and I practice.  I view McCarthy sensei as a scholar-warrior reworking the cultural artifacts and ambiguity of our way of thinking about the tradition of Karate… Like his teachers, he is truly an encyclopedia of karate history and techniques.  The [IRKRS] Society’s “members only” web-page is a goldmine of information and I feel very happy and privileged to have access to it. More importantly it has the most valuable resource of them all; good people and a good leader with vision. – Mario McKenna, Vancouver 

“I am deeply impressed by his character and enthusiasm and sincerely hope that his efforts are met with equal intensity.” – Konishi (Takehiro) Yasuhiro, Japan

“I am fascinated by both Mr. McCarthy’s physical prowess and scholarly pursuits:” Hokama Tetsuhiro, Okinawa

“I can think of no one better suited to introduce the Bubishi to the Western World than Patrick McCarthy” – Nagamine Shoshin, Okinawa

“Patrick McCarthy as one of the few Martial Artists who has come to understand the true essence, history and culture of karatedo:” – Kinjo Hiroshi, Japan

“An example of what a Martial Artist should be, using him as a role model should aid in increasing levels of proficiency. Progress is assured if you heed the words of this young master.”- Ed Parker (Pioneer of Karate in America)

“Vibrant during his competitive career, he is as meticulous now, in his research and teaching, as he ever was as a champion athlete. Although the nature of his attention has shifted from the competitive arena to the field of research, the intensity with which he pursues “his obsession” is second to none. Anyone who has had the pleasure of taking a lesson, attending a seminar, or sitting in on one of his illuminating lectures can immediately describe Patrick’s regard for both the work, which captivates him, and the people with whom it is shared.” – Prof. Wally Jay (Small Circle Jujutsu)  

Patrick McCarthy is pre-eminent in our field. Pioneer is a perfect description of his considerable status and accomplishments. I think he is at the pinnacle of karate research, practice and dissemination. Apart from our friendship, I can say quite dispassionately that Karate would still be ‘fumbling’ in the dark were it not for his exceptional work. Where does he get the energy? ” – Nathan Johnson, England 

” Fortunately, there are a small number of scholars who have provided serious creditability to the meanings of past technical and philosophical concepts. Throughout the world there are less than five who have studied and researched enough to be called HANSHI. One of these scholars is Patrick McCarthy who travels the world teaching karate history, Karate-do, and kata bunkai, to name a few of his inspiring seminars. I have never met the man, but I hope to in the near future. His web site provides information regarding his seminars, books, and other interesting points.” – Richard Gould – 9th Dan Chief Instructor ASKF

“I now better understand the application principles of karate through having studied Koryu [Uchinadi].” – Vince Morris, Shotokan

“History will remember McCarthy’s contributions simply because they’re too important to ignore.” – Chuck Merriman, Jundokan 9th Dan Goju-Ryu

“Shihan McCarthy accomplished what I have been searching to do for years. In all the years that I was associated with the Yamaguchi family, and served as their personal representative, no one ever knew or taught the application practices with the depth and insights that McCarthy Sensei does, including Tsuzaki & Uchiagi sensei.” – Tino Ceberano, Hanshi 9th Dan, Philippines 

Hundreds of participants attended Sensei Patrick McCarthy’s seminar [during the IMAF’s 25th European Anniversary in Belgium] and practiced all day long with so much enthusiasm. Often participants stood in amazement watching and listening to the master teach Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo-jutsu. Even after the seminar ended so many of them stayed and listened to McCarthy Hanshi simplify the application principles of kata. – André Le Capitaine,  General Secretary IMAF Europe

– Sensei Patrick McCarthy seminar was impressive and possibly the best course that I have ever been to.  His knowledge, and ability to deliver it, is extraordinary. Also, the atmosphere of the seminar was brilliant and participants of different styles worked enthusiastically with each other…  – Juan Antonio Beltran, Spain

McCarthy Hanshi,

It was a pleasure to see you again during the [European Koryu Uchinadi] Gasshuku in Holland and I would like also to thank you for the time you spent with me, as it was not only revealing and inspiring as always, but also the personal touch of care that I appreciate. The program [seminar] was very interesting, especially the deep study of Yara Kusanku. I must confess to you that, despite the hard training and 250km I travelled each day, I could barely sleep during the entire [4-day] Gasshuku. Why? I did not understand it then but I do now: all the stimulating ideas, the relevant information, ingenious and resourceful applications, the jaw dropping anecdotes, the captivating story-telling, in fact the entire experience was spinning inside me during the night putting upside down certainties, backgrounds, routines, expectations and so on. – Gonzalo Villarrubia [Shito Ryu 4th Dan] Delft, The Netherlands gonzalo@karatedelft.com

After much searching, I finally found what I had been looking for when I attended my first weekend seminar [on Kata application] with Patrick McCarthy, Karatedo Hanshi, in Germany, in 2004. His knowledge of the fighting arts, and understanding of kata and realistic application practices, were delivered with wonderful enthusiasm, wit and personality. This man knows what he’s doing. Together with my all my students, we have decided this year [2008] to make a complete transition from Shotokan Karate to Koryu Uchinadi. – Bernd Otterstatter, German Karate Federation

Tartu Budo Club was fortunate to host Hanshi Patrick McCarthy, in October 2007. Having taught karate for ten years, I had seen a instructors around the world who were superb technicians but McCarthy sensei was by far the best teacher of them all – masterful in technique, engaging, armed with sharp wits, encyclopedic knowledge and a wealth of experience. Keeping it all very practical, he is uncontrovertible proof that karate is not a dead, stiff or and antiquated sport form but a true living martial art, as brutal as it is graceful. – Andreas Kangur, Estonia

“Only now, that I am walking down the path of Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo-jutsu, am I realizing the depths of the gifts that this Karate has to offer. Had I chosen not to follow this path I would have never known what I had missed, yet having chosen this path I am now receiving the rewards that all karate practitioners deserve.” – Richard Ouellette, Ottawa – Canada

WOW!! This was one of the best seminars that I have ever attended. I kid you not, I had goose bumps the whole seminar!! And WOW what a great and humble master Hanshi Patrick McCarthy is, he is one the few real masters that I have ever had the honour and privilege of meeting. These days so many people call themselves “masters”, however very few are, this I have found this out over my 25 years of training. Hanshi McCarthy is the real deal! – Mike Sywyk, Hamilton – Canada

“The McCarthy Seminars are a tool to bridge the gap between kata and kumite.  Hanshi McCarthy shares his knowledge of the history and traditions of the martial arts.  This leads to the bridge between kata and kumite which creates the ability to understand the application of the individual techniques.  Additionally, the seminars provide understanding and knowledge for the advanced students to take that next step in their training.” – Ilene J. Smoger, Dallas – USA

“I have known Patrick McCarthy for more than twenty-five years. We have never had the opportunity to develop a close friendship, but I have had the chance to observe many things about his character during this time. He was a young man when I first encountered him and he impressed everyone with a maturity that went beyond his years. His honesty and upright character struck me. At that time, he had traveled over a 1000 miles to honor a sizable obligation, which he could have easily avoided. His attitude and behavior has always been completely in line with those values insisted upon in traditional martial arts. His voluminous work researching karate’s history and traditions, with its meticulous referencing, show not only his determination and vision, but his desire to give credit where it is due. It would be easy for him to “hog the spotlight,” and make himself seem the source of all this knowledge as so many do today, and his humility is truly refreshing.” – Dr. C.P. Negri (Morgantown Multicare Medical Center) West Virginia – USA

“His intelligence, his integrity and his dedication impress me. He has always held honour above gain; that is why he is one of the most respected martial artists to have ever practiced, competed and taught in North America.” – Al Weiss (Condor Books & Official Karate Magazine)  NY – USA

“Sensei teaches application principles for defensive themes as configured in classical kata.” – Sasha Gendrikson (Russian Union of Karate Organizations) Kaliningrad 

“Just when you think you know a lot about martial arts here comes Patrick McCarthy to show you the application principles.” – Kong Wing Loh (Shito-Ryu Australia) 

“Mr. McCarthy’s understanding of combative principles and ability to implement them in an effective manner has improved our overall performance level.” – Major Avi Nardia 

“On behalf of the entire unit, I would like to thank you for sharing your knowledge with us, and look forward to having you back again next year.” – Commander Chagy Peleg (YAMAM Unit Chief Israeli Anti-Terrorist Unit)

“Patrick McCarthy has a very strong personality, what I personally have witnessed the two times I have met him is a person who reflects the intensity you bring to the table, if you care to be confrontational he can be that, if you care to be intellectual he can be that,  if you care to be gentle and work together,  he can do that.  At this last meeting there were a few people from different organizations (Dillman’s for one) who asked  very pointed (pun) questions,  Patrick McCarthy was very polite, answered the questions and seemed to go out of his way to be diplomatic and not make the person asking defensive or uncomfortable. He was gentle yet effective when he demonstrated and corrected technique, he was open to all questions, and willing to share his knowledge on all levels, speaking to all groups in terms they understood,  TCM or western  Med,  or plan,  just hit him here. I can  only tell you what I have experienced in two meetings, and it was the same both times. I would highly recommend meeting him to anyone who has questions and an open mind to learn, and I would willingly offer myself for demonstration, because I now trust his judgment (I would not do so for many other famous people).” – Romney Taylor (USA)

World Friendship Titles 2000
 “The two Super Veteran competitors (McCarthy Sensei emerging the victor) were like two bears fighting over territory. They prowled the ring like masters of their territory and fought harder than many of the young bucks receiving rousing applause from all competitors officials and spectators alike. Many comments from the young guys were along the lines of, “I’m glad they have their own division!” Both competitors received and gave out a veritable pounding that would have leveled lesser players. I would like to add that [McCarthy] Sensei’s performance was inspirational.” – Rene Roggeveen, Sports Karate Australia

Simply put; “The world was flat, then along came Mr Patrick McCarthy.” – Bruce Lamont, China 

“Koryu Uchinadi has given me a far greater understanding of karate’s application principles than I was ever able to obtain through years of training in its modern counterpart.” Dr. Jeremy Arnold, Brisbane

“Attending a seminar with McCarthy sensei is like discovering the Rosetta Stone.” – Jeff McCauley Black Belt Shotokan SKIA Sydney Australia

“I was blown away by McCarthy-sensei’s workshop here in Portugal.” – Cláudio Almeida Shotokai, Lisbon

“…Patrick McCarthy moved to Brisbane and I had him at my dojo on a constant and regular basis for about three years.  He has influenced me the most as he did teach me ‘how to fish’ and reverse-engineer moves for myself.” [Sabaki List] “After learning to understand the original application principles of Koryu karate the previous 25 years of training finally made sense. Out of all the local, Japanese and foreign teachers that I have learned from, Patrick McCarthy was the very first one to be able to provide me with all the answers.” – Bob McMahon, Brisbane

“I was captivated by his [London-Wateford] seminar. With a degree in education, and a 3rd degree black belt in Shotokan karate, I have observed, and been taught by, a lot of teachers, lecturers and instructors throughout my life and can honestly say that sensei McCarthy’s standard of delivery is the highest I have seen. I was amazed by the wealth, depth and complexity of his knowledge and ability to communicate it.” – Paul Wilkins, Professional Lecturer, Norwich/England

Nineteen bum-numbing hours crushed and crammed into a bucket seat from Durban [South Africa] to Brisbane was worth the privilege and pleasure of spending three ‘full’ (and equally crammed) weeks getting hands-on exposure to the enormous energy, enthusiasm and knowledge of Kyoshi Patrick McCarthy. The uniqueness of his curriculum is obvious, not only as expressed through the personal experiences of all who have trained with him, but also when one looks at the abilities and attributes of the senior practitioners that are drawn to him. My first exposure to Kyoshi’s exceptional skills was during his first seminar in South Africa some years ago.  Since then I had promised myself to go one step further and immerse myself  in the McCarthy Magic, and thanks to Kyoshi’s renowned hospitality, it became a reality. – Bob Davies, South Africa

FWIW, it is difficult to be in the martial arts world today and not be influenced by McCarthy-sensei.  I would imagine that many more teachers world-wide would still be living in the dark had his work not been so widely available.  I hope history give the credit due to McCarthy-sensei for his work. Many will have an ego that will not allow them to publicly admit so.  – Steve Jamison, Isshinryu, NJ USA 

After 23 years – I am happy to say that I participated in the best seminar I ever went to this weekend with McCarthy Hanshi in Copenhagen. – Lars Andersen, Isshinryu Karate, Copenhagen – Denmark

“McCarthy’s widely acclaimed HAPV (Habitual Acts of Physical Violence) theory, functional two-person drills & Koryu Uchinadi concepts  provide the formula necessary to resolve the ambiguity surrounding the application principles of kata.” – Dirk Thesenvitz,  Berlin – Germany

Your second annual seminar was inspirational and enlightening. You can be sure that from my point of view, Vienna will definitely be a part of the 2005 KU European seminar tour. I got many e-mails following your seminar with responses like, “super seminar”, “great new stuff”, “never seen drills like this before,” and “didn’t know karate could be so wonderful”. Christian Bellina – Vienna, Austria

“His knowledge and experience in the martial arts absolutely bewilders me and with all the seminars I have taken over the years, his was by far one I will cherish and never forget. My biggest regret, after 4 hours of training, was that the seminar was not long enough.” – Johnny Kennedy, Christchurch – New Zealand

“Once again many thanks for the seminar and sharing your work with us. I thought it was excellent and have received nothing put positive feedback from the other students that attended.  The seminar was excellent and as usual very thought provoking. I always come away realising how little I know and how far I have to travel! I think inspirational sums up the weekend for me and certainly many of the attendees I have spoken with.” Ashley Croft, England 

This specific concept of learning the SD technique first and then practicing solo, I first learned from Patrick McCarthy. After you’ve experienced this method, it’s almost impossible not to believe kata was meant to be this way, IMO. Rather than just trying to imagine an attacker, you can actually `feel’ the person there as you grab, or twist, strike and make you way through the kata. – David Gimberline – Shotokan Karate Yudansha

If you’ve never been to one of these seminars, you’re in for a real  treat. McCarthy has devoted his life to studying and teaching martial arts, and qualifies as a genuine scholar. He’s the most knowledgeable karate instructor I’ve ever met, and speaks with authority about all sorts of  martial arts and their histories, the physics and anatomy of the human body, and the logical analysis of unarmed combat. His presentation is often entertaining and always compelling in its comprehensive detail and  organization. It doesn’t take long to realize that you’re in the  presence of an expert.

Since many participants were from other dojo and  styles, he also pointed out that what we were going to learn was not  specific to any particular style. Rather, it’s universal in the sense that  all martial arts systems have to follow the same principles of physics and  apply them to the same targets in the human body. This was very reassuring  for many, since it meant they could apply the principles they learned  regardless of what style they had trained in.

Several times, my eyes grew wide and my jaw  dropped a little as I suddenly understood pieces of kata I’d always wondered  about. Looking around, I saw that I was not alone.  That’s one of the  best parts of these seminars: the little “blinding flash of the obvious” (as  McCarthy says) that happens when you suddenly see things in a new light and  wonder why it took you so long to get the point. This often caused grins to break out  all over, as people suddenly had that ‘Aha!’ experience. – Paul Silvas, Harvard University